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About us
Decades of experience in human capital development and empowerment, nurturing effective teams and fostering strong corporate cultures.
Better Business, a management consulting firm specializing in capacity building and human capital development, was established in 2003 to help organizations across the MENA region unlock the full potential of their people. Today, Better Business serves over 600 clients in both the private and public sectors with the promise of helping each individual within the organization: 'Be All You Can Be'.
Better Business Today leverages innovative and impactful management consulting techniques to help clients shape their people, grow their business, and achieve sustainability. Our team of human capital development experts and business consultants provide a comprehensive suite of management consulting services and learning experiences delivered by specialized subject matter experts who are passionate about training others using the latest tools and best practices. We aim to create long-term impactful collaborations with the people we work with to be their partners in growth.
For over 20 years Better Business has been at the forefront of designing and delivering successful capacity-building programs in Jordan and the MENA region serving more than 600 organizations in the public and private sectors
Applied every day, in every program with all stakeholders, by all team members. Our values represent our highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and fundamental driving forces. They're our guiding principles – who we are, what we believe, it serves as promises about how our company will treat customers, employees, vendors, and community employee members.
We strive to leave any engagement with our clients with a lasting impression that continues to positively influence their business much like the long lasting fresh fragrance of Jasmine.
Mustard Seed:Potential
We value the potential in everything, even the smallest of seeds. One can have much more potential than is apparent at first glance; each individual is full of potential waiting to be uncovered.
The butterfly represents our belief in development and change; our belief in working on the mindset and culture to produce magnificent results.
We help instill in people the constructive and influential attitude; the drive and power that are essential for all who want to change their surroundings, to change the world, to be the salt.
We take pride in continuously developing ourselves; in having freshness in ideas and creativity in application; and in possessing the positive and innovative attitude in everything we do.
Beehive:Team Spirit
We realize the importance of team spirit and strive to strengthen it within our organization in order to achieve the best results. We also believe in the encouragement resulting from team effort and solidarity.
Better Business embraces clarity, candor, and the reliable presence of the sun. Our interactions reflect integrity, trustworthiness, and consistency. We prioritize upfront communication with clients, always eager to be open and clear.
Our Vision
To be the leading source for Capacity Building and Human Capital Development for organizations in the Middle East.
Our Mission
Uniting with our customers in their endeavors towards success, we provide effective learning experiences through dependable expertise leading to remarkable results
Our Purpose
Impacting Organizations for the well-being of mankind.

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