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Sunday, March 5, 2017



Stressmaster International (SI), the global leader in corporate employee stress assessments, stress mastery training and stress coaching and Better Business (BB) of Jordan announced today that Better Business has agreed to translate Stressmaster International’s stress management training and development materials in to Arabic. According to Dr. James Petersen, founder of Stressmaster International, “companies in the Middle East will soon have access to our evidence-based stress assessments and stress management programs.”


Over the past 30 years, Stressmaster International has developed a comprehensive set of stress management training and development tools to help employees reduce and master workplace stress. This set of materials, created by Dr. Petersen, is called the Stress Mastery Program (SMP). The SMP has three (3) key components; the Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ), Stressmastery Guide: A Road Map to Resilience and the Stress Mastery Workbook. The Program is now available in English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Slovenian and, soon, Arabic.


Established in 2003, Better Business of Jordan, specializes in capacity building and human capital development for corporations throughout the Middle East; providing effective learning experiences, delivered through competent experts leading to remarkable results. With over 300 corporate clients - Better Business functions on the premise that each member of the team contributes to building the corporation and strengthening the capabilities of individuals ultimately aids in achieving the collective goals.


With the translation of the Stress Mastery Program, including the internationally recognized Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ) into Arabic, Rand Haddadin, Managing Director of Better Business, and his team will be the primary resellers in the region for all of Stressmaster’s assessments, training and development materials. According to Mr. Haddadin, “working with Dr. James Petersen and his team at Stressmaster allows us to provide our clients with proven-effective corporate stress assessments, programs and tools that will now be available in Arabic. With these tools we will help our clients in Jordan and the Middle East master workplace stress and function more effectively as valued employees in their various organizations and industries.”


According to a recent Carnegie Mellon University study, workplace stress is a major worldwide problem today. Their research of over 6,300 people revealed that workplace stress has increased between 10% and 30% since 1983. Regus in Luxembourg polled over 22,000 employees in 100 countries, including the US, about their level of stress. Their report concluded that “…office life has never been more stressful, with over half of the global workforce (53%) saying they are closer to burning out than they were just five years ago.”


Work-related stress is often revealed in such diverse ways as mental health problems, burnout, concentration difficulties, poor performance, domestic problems, substance abuse, and poor health. Stress can impact an employee’s quality of work, absenteeism, work satisfaction, work engagement, creativity and job turnover. Workplace stress is very costly; e.g., in the US the highest healthcare cost is for mental health and stress related issues at 28% of all benefit costs. And, according to a Harvard and Stanford University study, “workplace stress is thought to contribute to 120,000 deaths each year and costing up to $190bn in healthcare costs.”

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